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Did You Know?

Wolves don't howl at the moon - they howl to communicate. For example, wolves howl to assemble the pack, warn intruders to stay away, or motivate family members to join in the hunt.

Wild for Wolves – After School Adventure

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Wild for Wolves - After School Adventure 10
Take a walk on the wild side and join us at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) as we explore the natural world and give the young animal lover in your family a chance to thrive among wolves!  The WCC’s educational and interactive afterschool program encourages your child to embrace Nature’s wild treasures and helps foster an understanding of the importance of healthy and balanced ecosystems. The program includes opportunities for your child to:
•             Learn all about wolves: Wolf 101
•             Discover the various myths that surround wolves and to create their own and share.
•             Walk with a wolf!  Take a hike with Ambassador wolf Atka at the lead.
•             Play a unique game of hide and seek using tracking and telemetry tools that real wolf biologists use in the field!
•             Create plaster paw prints from real tracks in the field.  They’re great for show and tell!
•             Photograph the wolves from vantage points not generally available to the public.
•             And more!
The program will run with a minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 12.  All children who complete the program will get a special “Junior Wolf Biologist” certificate.
Program Dates (8 sessions): October 6, 2016 - December 15, 2016
Time:  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
NO CLASS November 3,November 10, and November 24
Fee: $160/8-session program