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Sad News From Yellowstone. 642F R.I.P.


642F - photo: Teton Science Schools Journal **

Montana’s backcountry wolf hunt in the remote Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness along the northern border of Yellowstone National Park is officially closed. The wolf quota for this area was set at 3 (Montana’s overall wolf harvest quota is 220), and among the casualties is a collared wolf who many wildlife enthusiasts had the thrill to observe. Her “name” was 642F. This is not the first time a wolf with a name has been taken by a controversial wolf hunt. In 2009 the Montana hunt claimed the Cottonwood pack’s breeding female 527F. News of her death weighed heavy on the hearts of Yellowstone’s wildlife watchers, she was daughter of legendary breeding pair 21M and 42F, a pair made famous by several PBS and Discovery Channel films. This is a huge blow to wolf watchers and researchers from around the world who flock to Yellowstone to behold wild wolves in action. As Montana’s controversial wolf hunt continues, wolf advocates remain hopeful that the ongoing hunt is only a temporary setback on the road to restoring federal protections for the northern Rocky Mountain wolves. Rest in Peace 642F and the other 50 plus wolves that have been taken by this year’s hunt in Montana.

If the Idaho and Montana hunts have your hackles up, you’re not alone. Today The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater, and WildEarth Guardians filed their request for an Emergency Injunction from the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop wolf hunts. This announcement comes just days before Montana’s statewide rifle season opens. Stay tuned for updates.

** To learn more about the impact 642F had on people, please read this post from 2009 on the Teton Science Schools Journal Blog.

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54 Responses to Sad News From Yellowstone. 642F R.I.P.

  1. Kathy W. says:

    I am angry at her death and am very angry at the targeting they seem to be doing.. How can a collared wolf one who is watched and loved as she was become a target for the haters? I ask this because I truly do not know why they have done this and so close to park borders.. I cry for her and the other 50 and more that have lost their lives for no other reason than mans hatred for their kind. Again I don’t understand the unwillingness those against wolves have voiced that they do not care to even try and co-exist with them… So very sad

  2. Kathy W. says:

    Run Free and howl with your creator I can’t wait to meet all of you have died at the hands of our enemies. RIP 642F

  3. Sandra Cannon says:

    And they are trying to call this “management”? Yeah, right, they “managed” to kill a collared wolf from Yellowstone. What is the fine for killing an endangered (collared) species? I SINCERELY hope someone is going to be held accountable and pay dearly for this travesty, hopefully with alot of time behind bars. R.I.P. Beautiful girl, you will be missed <3

    • Linda Schillling says:

      I hope with every inch of my being that this killer will be brought to justice by a higher power.

    • Buck Elliott says:

      There will be no fine and no one will go to jail for killing this wolf, during a legal hunt in Montana.
      It is my understanding that wolves have been delisted in Montana, because the wolf population is far beyond agreed-to target numbers for delisting.. Removal from the endangered species list should have occured at the threatened or endangered list should have occured
      least 5 years ago, before wolves in the region killed off so many elk that elk viability has become seriously threatened..

  4. cheri howe says:

    tears for all the years and time and research all those involved outrage over humans who really have no right to beautiful knowledge they will not read this our lovely wolf is now with the angels and bless her but the humans must pay you are correct dollars for management for themselves for sure i am gritting my teeth who why how wow

  5. Barbara Bussell says:

    I am so sad to hear of 642F wolf being killed. She was a numbered wolf which was releasec to help the wolves to get back in their numbers.
    But to the shooting of her and others these wolves are on a decline. When are you sports hunters,ranchers, farmers and governors going to stop this senseless killing.
    When will you listen to the crys of the babies whom mothers you have killed. When are you going to listen to GOD and stop killing these animals. God holds every animal in His loving arms. He will judge thise who kill with out a heart.

  6. Jolinda Brookshire says:

    This is a crime, abuse to animals is punishable by law. She’s so beautiful. Why aren’t the Native Americans helping us with such a Great Spirit?? May the man who does these things pay for it all the days of his life. We need to channel our fury to win this war of the wolves. They are ours to take care of, not destroy.

  7. Kathleen says:

    We are all victims of those guns. It seems we now have an oligarchy, where politicians and hunters hold complete power.

  8. Patricia Shea-Samul says:

    It’s just too sad and such a useless death. May the powers that be come to their senses soon and realize that we need to coexist with all of God’s creatures.

  9. Angela M says:

    Yellowstone is not fenced. The Wolves can come and go as they please and this in turn puts them in grave danger now. Toby Bridges has stated that he will wait near a trail he knows the Wolves use to migrate outside the park and he will kill every one that comes out of park boundaries. These are the kind of people they are allowing to roam free and “hunt” these majestic creatures. They flaunt their kills on his web site Lobo Watch and talk about how to poison, trap, shoot including gut shooting and otherwise torturing these wonderful creatures and NOTHING has been done about it. The real crime here is that people like these sadistic imbiciles are allowed to run free and torture these animals. They are no better than serial killers. The person who shot this beautiful Wolf will get his. Anyone who kills one of these wonderful animals is trash in my eyes. Karma will get them. Rest in peace dear 642F. You will be sorely missed in Yellowstone…

  10. Linda Christie says:

    Why are you murdering these magnificent animals? Does it make you feel like a big he man? Does it feed your ego? What do you think the Creator is thinking about you and your buddies? The Great Creator is sadden by you horrible acts of murder. The Creator placed his precious creatures in our hands to rule with loving, kindness and to protect them. All of them, the weak, strong and wild. Not to fiendishly murder them for any half- baked reasons. Not to cultivate them like they are crops. If I were you, and thank the Great Creator I’m not, but if I were you I would not show my face anywhere for the shame I’d feel.

    • Brad Henderson says:

      You can’t murder an animal go back to school and learn how to understand big hard words like murder. You people are pathetic what about the 100′s of deer and elk your wolf killed. You hate wildlife that much you just worship wolves. What a pack of losers you people truly are.

      • Heather says:

        What about the hundreds of other animals your elk starved by destroying the vegetation by remaining sedentary in areas due to a lack of predation? Predation keeps animals moving, and your elk were destroying meadows and plant life in yellowstone to the point that other animals reliant upon this food source were being forced outside the park or starved. Do you not have the mind capacity to look at the larger picture? has life not taught you that there is rarely one simple solution for any complicated problem? Also, are your forgetting about CWD, EHD, and blue tongue killing major percentages of the ungulate populations? Yet it’s all the wolves fault? How about you open your eyes and stop being brainwashed by the wolf-hunters propaganda.

      • Rich Y. says:

        Well put Brad, if you will notice it’as all women who probably don’t hunt and don’t have a clue what is really going on with the wolves out West.

    • Linda Schillling says:

      We are all shamed by the act of this sub-human.


    may you always run with the pack black princess… not all humans hate you……….. rest and run in peace !! oregon wolfsavers !!!!!!!!!

  12. Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston says:

    So, what kind of a person goes around killing for no reason–psychopathic serial killers. And there are plenty of them running around the northern Rockies and the Yellowstone Country. How can a creature be protected one day and then slaughtered the next? There is a sickness in this country. STOP THE WOLF HUNT. STOP THE NEW AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. STOP THE WAR ON WILDLIFE. God’s vengeance on the murderers.

    • Brad Henderson says:

      You should refund you parents for your college education Dr. I should call you Dr Joke you can’t murder an animal. God cover Adman and Eve with animals skins I bet he used wolves to make their clothing. Grow up.

    • Linda Schillling says:

      You are so right Catherine, there is a sickness is this country.

  13. Amey says:

    I just watched this beautiful lady running through a valley with her black pup a few weeks ago in Yellowstone…it was truely a priveledge, a memory to cherish that is now filled with sadness and fear for the other wolves that may leave the park boundry.
    How can these soulless humans be given the right to kill any animal just for sport and trophy.
    642 a collared wolf AT YELLOWSTONES DOOR! When will the cruelty of trophy hunting and the mismanagement of Wildlife Management stop in this Country?

  14. NIc Papalia says:

    When Scientists stated universally the reintroduction of the Wolf into the Yellowstone Natioal Park was a greatest balance modulator to have happened with results that showed Aspin Trees growing for the first time in more than 70 years due to the modulator and control of the Wolf as the top land predator keeping the Deer in balance and culled to a balanced level that left all things as they should be! What is wrong with the RED NECK idiots that cannot see this is so important. Humans are a stupid bunch. If Civilization is a slow process of learning to be kind we have a long way to go!!! :(

    • Linda Schillling says:

      Real men don’t kill wolves.

      • Buck Elliott says:

        REAL MEN do whatever they have to do, to protect their families, their property and their livelihoods, AND their immediate environment, from destruction.. If that means they have to kill ravaging, unregulated apex predators, then so be it.. We didn’t ask for these alien wolves. We fought their importation. We knew we had a viable, sustainable population of native “irremotus” wolves scattered throughout the region.. Now, those animals have been either assimilated or killed by the imported alien packs… And our once-plentiful ungulate herds now are in shambles, constantly harrassed and attacked by voracious, insatiable carnivores…
        I challenge you to come out and actually observe a hunting pack, as they chase, attack and kill in a frenzy, leaving dead or dying elk in their wake, as they pursue the next, and the next, until they grow too weary for the chase…

        • AllAnimalLover says:

          Well said Buck, and such an accurate account. Knowing both sides of this controversial issue will help to spread a better understanding. Kudo’s to you!

          • Heather says:

            What you brainwashed lot forget to include is the massive percentages of ungulate populations in those areas that are dropping from CWD, EHD, and blue tongue before the wolves can even get to them. Maybe you should learn how to relate the whole picture, and stop blaming wolves for the populations’ drastic drop.

          • Rich Y. says:

            Very well stated Buck!! Most of these people have probably NEVER witnessed a wolf pack hunting, and furthermore they probably don’t hunt either, so they have’nt got a clue what is going on out there!

        • Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston says:

          I have seen wolves kill and I still admire them. I do not respect or admire bullies with guns, helicopters and 4x4s who terrorize our wildlife and kill my wolves.

  15. Janna says:

    So very sad and so very wrong! I can understand how these hunts can be allowed! Disgusting!

    On a happier note…I just left Yellowstone this morning with my 12 year old son. We watched the sunrise on the Tetons and while the two of us were sitting by Jenny Lake we heard a wolf pack howling toward the south! We know it was wolves because yesterday we heard a pack howl at the Wolf and Bear Discovery center (sirens set them into a frenzy). Truly amazing!

    • Brad Henderson says:

      Bet you didn’t see any moose in Yellowstone right? Cuase the wolves slaughtered them all off.

      • Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston says:

        I see moose, elk, deer, buffalo in Yellowstone. I see fewer coyotes. I see restored plants and water systems..Maybe my vision is better than yours, Brad. Perhaps eyeglasses would help you. Well, maybe not…

    • Linda Schillling says:

      Janna – we were at Jenny Lake last Friday and hear the wolves, too!

  16. Linda Schilling says:

    Beautiful 642 will be forever remembered in our hearts as an intricate and beautiful part of her family and ours. Yellowstone is less without you, sweet wolf.

  17. Danielle says:

    Horrible. There really is nothing else to say besides that this is horrible and tragic.

  18. elizabeth slagsvol says:

    Man just can’t leave nature alone can he? Pathetic, Sad, Tragic… when will we learn?

  19. Buck Elliott says:

    “Scientists” were not — and still are not — “universal” in stating that wolf importation was or is the best way to achieve “balance” within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.. What too many people do Not realize is that Yellowstone is no longer a “natural” habitat.. NPS regulations against hunting, or any other normal, “consumptive” use of the Park’s resources have tipped the scales heavily in the wrong direction.. I remeber well the grand promises and glittering future presented at the public meeetings, prior to the importation of Canadian Grey Wolves into the prey-rich environs of Yellowstone.. Those of us with actual experience and foresight in the area of predator ecology knew exactly what would happen, and our predictions have come true, reagrding the impact these ravaging carnivores would have on our resident elk and moose populations.. Now, the wolves have discovered that domestic cattle and sheep are much easier prey than elk and moose, and many packs have moved out into areas occupied by ranchers and herders, and are beginning to take a toll on the livelihood of honest, hardworking people, who are understandably angrered by this attack on their economic and social future…

    • Steve says:

      you tell em Buck. These folks are clueless as to how cruel nature can be to all these animals, if left unchecked and uncontrolled. They’ve never seen diseased and starving animals die a slow death due to overpopulation, and they have never witnessed the carnage of an overpopulation of predators.

  20. AllAnimalLover says:

    I hope that all of you know that your comments are supporting the government’s interference with God’s plan for the flow of nature. These wolves were taken from their natural habitat, and brought “Re-Introduced” to a different place that MAN/GOVERNMENT, that are now destroying the future healthy growth/balance of other animals in the region that were born there, Elk, Moose, who were not artificially transported. The wolf population is out of control, although they were brought to Yellowstone, they have spread to all parts of the country, where wolves were NOT meant to be Re-Introduced. More knowledge will help those understand what they do not understand. Please do some research both sides of this issue, and it will possibly help dry some of your tears, and give you some peace about the wolf management program that is needed. I hope this makes it on the postings, everyone needs to know both sides of this controversial issue.

  21. GB says:

    If there is no wolf hunt in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the wolves will overpopulate and die from disease and/or kill each other. Due to the overpopulation of humans, there is not enough habitat to support wolves that are not controlled to some extent. Dying from a bullet is better than dying slowly from disease or being torn apart by another wolf. The same goes for grizzly bears, which are becoming more and more over-crowded.

  22. Devonna Ellen Mcrae says:


  23. Devonna Ellen Mcrae says:

    Wolves do NOT need to be controled the humble population of 1,600 compared to 222 thousand ELk… 121 thousand deer… just a few numbers of the WIld game there to die of hoof diease because WE ARE LOSIng balance.. OVer 200 yrs this Earth managed just FIND without GAME and FISH and I suppose it would be fine NOW .. but the wolves will not they WILL have to be PLaced on the ENdangered Species LISt ONCe again when there are ONLY a couple LEft 60 wolves THE WHOLE COttonwood pack killed by hunters… THEre Babies left to die in the cold and be hungry… MAN has the power and for some reason wants to COntrol NAture with no thoughts of how the ECO system is being effected.. or what will happen .. WOlves are SOcial animals to them the stress and pain will decrease breeding and they will wander away and grief themselves to death… its like there WHole families being taken OUT they are pack animals… kind of like MOther, father , son, daughter…. families WHY can the Game and FISh not get this and the RANChers way after all the wolves are GONE.. COws will still be here and so will all other farm animals…. its a disgrace to America What is taking PLAce in this country and many are completely Heart Broken …. I am Tears:::::: SO SAD

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