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Mexican Gray Wolf Conducts a Symphony

Mexican gray wolf F810 leads a diverse group of singers: one Arctic gray wolf, two Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolves, five red wolves, and thirteen fellow Mexican gray wolves. Enjoy this wild adventure for your ears!

Mexican gray wolf F810 is one of the fourteen critically endangered captive Mexican gray wolves that call the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) home. As a participant in the Mexican gray wolf Species Survival and Recovery plan, the WCC’s efforts to conserve this wolf is priority. Under USFWS’s June 2013 proposed rule, federal ESA protections would remain for the small population of Mexican gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) in the desert Southwest, the only gray wolf that would avoid delisting. This is GOOD news. The proposal, however, also includes changes to the rules governing Mexican wolf reintroduction. The one and only rule that is a welcome step in the right direction is to finally allow direct releases onto a larger area in the southwest. At present, when USFWS integrates Mexican gray wolves into the wild directly from captivity, the animals are only released into Arizona even though other parts of Mexican wolf range, like New Mexico’s Gila National Forest, is home to a greater amount of available habitat. That being said, it troubles the WCC that USFWS will continue to designate Mexican wolves as “experimental, non-essential” and prevent them from ever dispersing to last best places for wolves in Grand Canyon region, including northern Arizona and southern Utah, or to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Please do what you can to assist in Mexican wolf recovery and take this opportunity to submit your comment to USFWS re: the new proposed rule for Mexican gray wolf management. This proposal is extremely important to the future of Mexican wolves, and in order for this endangered species to recover in the wild, your participation is needed.

USFWS is accepting public comments until September 11, 2013 We encourage you to begin taking action immediately, please submit your comment today here. Our friends from offers useful talking points.

If you want to watch Mexican wolves in live time, visit our live Mexican gray wolf webcams. If you see something cool, let us know!

Thank you!

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