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Join the Fight For Wolves

Wolves nationwide urgently need your help. Over 1700 wolves have already been killed since Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections were lifted in six states in 2011, and now U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) plans to strip Federal protections from nearly all gray wolves nationwide.

The ESA requires that species listing decisions are governed by the best available science. Unfortunately, it was with political and economic considerations at the helm that USFWS declared gray wolves as recovered.  USFWS ignores America’s support of wolf recovery and scientists with expertise in conservation biology who warn the delisting rule is premature.

If  USFWS carries out their nationwide delisting proposal in spite of the exposure of its anti-wolf bias and the fact that the majority of Americans support wolves as part of our wilderness and heritage,  we’ll be opening the door to more political assaults on wolves and other imperiled species.  Without realizing the serious ecological consequences, we already came close to totally exterminating wolves from the lower 48 states.  But the ESA gave us a second chance to right this wrong.  Let’s not let history repeat itself.  The mission is far from accomplished. Delisting now is a political decision.  For the sake of wolves, the environment, and the integrity of science, we must continue to urge USFWS not to kill 40 years of recovery.

Please watch and share Center for Biological Diversity’s video, and #StandForWolves by opposing USFWS’s nationwide delisting plan.  You can take action online or in person:

  • Submit your comment online: You can find useful talking points and the comment to submission link HERE.
  • Join the WCC at the Center for Biological Diversity‘s DC Rally before the public hearing on the nationwide wolf delisting on September 30th.
  • WHERE: Department of Interior Headquarters, 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240
  • WHEN: Monday, Sept. 30 — the rally begins at 3:45 p.m., the hearing at 6 p.m.
  • RSVP here:

Thank you Center for Biological Diversity for the video and wolf graphic above.

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19 Responses to Join the Fight For Wolves

  1. Jean Ossorio says:

    Five percent is NOT enough! I hope everyone who watches the video and reads this entry will take action today. ^..^

  2. Geena Decker says:

    Please watch the video and do what you can to help wolves are just as important to the wotld as any other animal and should be protected for they become extinct thry already had that scare in some states don’t let it become everywhere.

  3. Ellen Stephens-Kahl says:

    This is so wrong! MI licenses go on sale tomorrow, you only have to be 10 yrs. old to get one!! What is wrong with people?! Please, let us reconsider this, before it’s too late!

  4. Rochelle Gasso says:

    Why the human population loves to kill innocent beings I will never understand. The fact that 6,000 “people” bought a permit to kill is understandable why this world is in the condition it is in. Human beings are the worst threat to anything living and cause the most destruction.

  5. Barbara Struss says:

    There is enough wolf killing without the government promoting it. The methods used are barbaric and disgusting. These people are not hunters, they are killers with no regard for nature.

  6. Mary Mayo says:

    Save the wolves!

  7. Gayle Peterson says:

    I couldn’t watch the video — too afraid of seeing a magnificent animal suffer.

  8. Doraine Shipley says:

    Loved the video have been commenting on the gov. website, have called the dept. of Interior several times. I just hope a lot more people call and send comments. We will always need to fight for our wolves

  9. Pam Stark says:

    I hope this will stop, all wildlife needs to be kept safe, these against wolves are stupid, have no clue on how important they are to survival,

  10. anne addison says:

    sick and distressing people who kill animals for sport are sick and disrespect life they will kill people to

  11. hildy fuller says:

    Let these wonderful creatures survive and thrive for the generations to come.

  12. Gertraud Odoerfer, DVM says:

    It´s urgent and necessary to protect wolves from extinction!
    Don´t let the nationwide delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species List come true!
    Gertraud Odoerfer, DVM

  13. Gertraud Odoerfer, DVM says:

    Don´t let the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species List come true!!!
    Wolves need to be saved from extinction!
    Gertraud Odoerfer, DVM

  14. Cathy Gottsch says:

    You must do something! We are not in the middle ages any longer. We need to stop this senseless extermination policy. A healthy ecosystem needs all the pieces!

  15. V BENNETT says:

    The USFWS should not re-designate Mexican gray wolves as experimental, non-essential. By labeling all of the wild wolves as “nonessential” the USFWS ignores science and the reality of 15 years of experience with reintroducing wolves.
    The USFWS should put the rest of their proposed rule on hold and speed up approval for more direct releases in expanded areas
    The proposed rule effectively prevents wolves returning to the Grand Canyon region, including northern Arizona and southern Utah, or to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The USFWS should eliminate boundaries to the wolves’ movement.
    The USFWS needs to quit stalling and complete a comprehensive recovery plan – and let the public see it

  16. Pam Carlson says:

    Delisting wolves is SOOOOOOOOOOO wrong! These are beautiful creatures GOD put on this earth and he did it for a reason!!!!!!!! Not so people could slaughter them. They are a very important part of our world, so leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ron yorgey says:

    the goverment needs to protect these myjestic predadors for it is the human that is infridging on there home

  18. Allie Lundberg says:

    Delisting would be a HUGE mistake and will jeopardize the future exponentially! Look to history!! Our country almost completely wiped out this ESSENTIAL species and now we might allow this to happen again! It would be criminal and devastating. These great Wolf organizations have built the wolf population (which is TOO Small and precarious!) where it is today. SAVE THE WOLVES!!!

  19. Lori Riley says:

    Do not delist wolves!!! They are majestic creatures and their numbers are very low. They are part of the essential food chain to keep nature in balance.

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