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Deadline To Act For America’s Gray Wolves

Only One Day Left to Submit Comments

On June 7, 2013, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) officially announced proposals that will devastate the future of America’s gray wolves.

Beyond its role as a living symbol of our natural landscape, the wolf is a keystone species. Its presence is critical to maintaining the structure and integrity of native ecosystems. Federal protections for wolves are essential to help this animal recover and expand into still-suitable parts of its former range, just as the bald eagle was allowed to do before having its federal protections removed.

Despite the vast effort, resources, and support invested in wolf recovery, USFWS is poised to make changes that will put the future of the gray wolf and its proven benefits to ecosystems at serious risk. USFWS is accepting comments re: the two separate proposals listed below:

1. USFWS proposes to remove Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for the gray wolf in the contiguous United States despite wolves occupying only about 5 percent of their historic range. Although USFWS director Daniel M. Ashe declared victory for gray wolf recovery by stating “Wolves are recovered and they are now in good hands,” U.S. scientists with expertise in carnivore taxonomy and conservation biology warn that the delisting rule is terribly premature. Removing ESA protections from wolves nationwide will no doubt open the door to more killing. And polls reflect that the majority of Americans support wolves as part of our wilderness and heritage.

2. Although the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, or “lobo,” is exempt from USFWS’s nationwide delisting proposal, lobos will be subject to other provisions that are very problematic – including the recovery area’s artificial boundaries and their re-designation as an “experimental, nonessential” population.

Everyone has the ability and responsibility to affect the world, so we encourage you to join the Wolf Conservation Center and choose to #StandForWolves!

The comment period ends December 17 — TOMORROW.

Oppose Nationwide Delisting

Support Mexican gray wolves

Thank you!

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25 Responses to Deadline To Act For America’s Gray Wolves

  1. DR.S.H.SHARMA says:

    We must protect our gift from nature and that will protect us.
    We have no right to eraadicate them and if we do that then our end is near too.

  2. pamela pearson says:


  3. Brigitte Rix says:

    FEAR TOO EARLY to remove wolves from the list!! YOU cannot put back on it wolves who will be murdered by your premature action!

  4. Andrew Buglass says:

    In Britain and throughout Europe we have no indigenous wolves. Why? Our ancestors killed them. That was a long time ago and they were a simple people afraid of the dark of the woods and the big bad wolf that lived therein. Of course their wolves also dressed as harmless old ladies, blew down houses and turned into people off the full moon. There was a lot of truth in those old fairy tales, namely that humans, when afraid, can do stupid things when the reality is the extinction of a species, those tales being manifestations of primordial fears or as we like to call them today irrational phobias. If you want to live in a world without fear look to youselves for this inhuman world makes human monsters, to paraphrase Poe.

  5. n. bullock says:

    : Kindly
    don’t delist
    Our beloved Wolves

    thank U ….

  6. adrian mcloughlin says:

    please do not kill any animal in my name.
    We should be able to enjoy the beauty of seeing, the fruits of nature in these beautiful creatures.

  7. adrian mcloughlin says:

    How limited our intelligence, if we think killing is the answer to all our ills

  8. adrian mcloughlin says:

    How limited our intelligence if we think killing is the recipe to all our ills

  9. Claudia chera says:

    Save the wolves

  10. Diane Cooper says:

    Wolves must always be protected. Even if the numbers have increased recently they will soon decrease with people hunting them etc. They must always have protected status in protected land.

    Please looks after your wolves. Britain used to have them but unfortunately no more due to trapping and shooting. It’s hard to get them re-established once they’re gone. It takes many years.

  11. roma scott says:

    Please do all that you can to save and protect the Wolves. It is a basic wrong if they are not part of the American wildlife. Not to protect them erodes the life line of many species. PLEASE do the right thing and protect and conserve this icon of American history and life-they deserve our protection-when we sanitise the wild places we do a great wrong to that part of our lands that is responsible for a huge degree of rightness in the animal and human psychie-please don’t leave this until it is too late to mend our ways

  12. Lourdes Umpierre says:

    This should never be happening. I consider this cruelty to animals.

  13. lynette dumont says:

    We’re going to lose them to the cattle industry because of their lobbyists. It’s too soon to de-list this key predator.

  14. kostas savvidis says:

    Do the right thing for sake of nature!!!

  15. George Hemming says:

    Save the wolves!

  16. Joyce Prior says:

    Please stop, why let any species be in trouble. We have to evolve as human being; we are not learning from prior mistakes.

  17. Christine says:

    “We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself.”
    ― Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf

  18. Otto Mileti says:

    This is a no brainer and I can’t believe we are willing to take backward steps. Let’s restore the balance!

  19. Era Novak says:

    Wolves are wonderful social animals who play important role in maintaining balance in nature. Stop their extermination!

  20. Janie Martinez says:

    De listing does not make sense. A wolf is part of the balance of nature. Extinction of a species is not the answer.

  21. christine Pearce says:

    There are 30 million deer in n America, more than when Columbus was alive. They have tick borne diseases and cause environmental damage when the population is large. Wolves help keep the deer population healthy and strong. Let the wolves flourish.

  22. Maurice Busby says:

    PLEASE Please do not kill these wonderful creatures.

  23. Norma Withrow says:

    I sign the petition.

  24. Jamie says:

    These are beautiful creatures who should be saved!
    Please don’t exterminate them!

  25. leigh oswald says:

    It is humans who do all the harm in the world ..if we do not look after our innocent animals and protect our natural world .. mother nature will have the last word and destroy us. These creatures are blameless andbeautiful

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