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Critically Endangered Loba Needs Our Help

Critically engendered Mexican gray wolf M795 was born in the wild, but because federal agencies still don’t require livestock owners using public lands to take basic steps to prevent conflict, the elusive 11-year-old lost his freedom.  He and his mate were blamed for livestock losses in October of 2013 so U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) put a removal order on both wolves and M795 was captured and brought to the Wolf Conservation Center to live out his remaining years.

Since 1998, the government has removed over 55 wolves from the wild. Most were trapped and 13 were shot by predator-control agents. Please consider taking action to prevent another lobo from losing her freedom.

Although M795′s former mate, F1056, has avoided capture thus far, her days on the wild landscape are numbered.  At last official count, there were only 75 Mexican gray wolves in the wild, making them the most endangered wolf in the world. Every single wild Mexican wolf is essential, so please join the Wolf Conservation Center and take action today by urging decision makers to let the loba remain in her rightful place in the wild. It’s too late for M795, but F1056 has moved on with a new mate and hopefully long future where she belongs – in the wild.

Our friends from Mexican gray wolves makes it easy to help.  They offer effective talking points and contact information here.

Thank you!

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9 Responses to Critically Endangered Loba Needs Our Help

  1. paola says:

    adoro i lupi

  2. Julia Coles says:

    Leave the wolves alone stop messing with nature!

  3. Heather Shedlock says:

    Stop persecuting these beautiful creatures

  4. Cheryl Dormer says:

    Plesse stop killing the wolves

  5. Evelyn Boeckman says:

    Please leave these families alone to live in peace. We are to be stewards of our environment, not killers!

  6. Nancy Braunig says:

    Can’t humans leave anything alone? Leave them alone. These selfish people need to learn to take some responsibility and some precautions for their livestock if they’re that concerned.

  7. shes not hiding to protect her self , shes hiding to keep some jackass from killing a little peace of his self .

  8. sheep and cattle farmers have dogs to protect

    there live stock let the strongest one win . thats an even match .

  9. Patty Korob says:

    Why!!! just leave the wolves ALONE and leave Loba ALONE for God sake do humans have to kill and destroy every single living creature in our paths…. Do we really think ourselves that superior! We are the most destructive, harmful, cruel, cold-calculating, manipulative, heartless beings on the planet. The Indians had no problems with wolves; they lived in harmony together for centuries.. BUT no, we have to kill everything our eye’s lay upon… for WHAT?? AND don’t even bother with the lame excuses .. they are falling on DEAF ears; just as the cries of the wolves and other animals (some now extinct) have fallen upon DEAF DUMB ears! STOP THE KILLING! STOP THE SLAUGHTER! Just stop!

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