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Critically Endangered Mexican Wolf Finds Home in New York

M1133 was born at the California Wolf Center in 2008 and lived at New Mexico’s Sevilleta Wolf Management Facility since his puppyhood. Like most of the Mexican wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center, M1133 was cared for in a way to best prepare him for a future in the wild. In order to ensure the genetic health of this terribly limited population, it’s vital that the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program grants new wolves an opportunity to join their wild kin. And what an amazing gift to bestow – freedom!

In January of 2013 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) approved the release of M1133 in hopes that the young male would fill a void within Arizona’s Bluestem pack created after alpha male M806 was illegally shot and killed on July 6, 2012. M1133 was released on January 8th in the Apache National Forest of east-central Arizona, however, his stint in the wild was short lived. After just 3 weeks in the wild, M1133 was placed back in captivity. USFWS captured the lobo because he failed to catch the attention of the Bluestem Pack’s alpha female. Shortly after his release, M1133 headed east crossing the state border into New Mexico. When it became clear to USFWS that he was heading increasingly further away from all wild lobos (likely in search for a mate) it was decided that the genetically valuable wolf can better contribute to the recovery of this rare species by being introduced to a mate in captivity. M1133 was then paired with wild-born female F1108 at USFWS’ captive breeding facility and the pair were slated for release that spring.

A few months later, wolves F1108 (then pregnant) and M1133, newly dubbed the Half Moon Pack, had successfully bred and were up for trans-location into the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. Right away M1133 was on the move traveling further and further away from F1108 who had stayed near the release site. By the end of the week he had trekked over 75 miles and was out of the recovery area in poor habitat, and surrounded by human settlements, major roadways, and very little natural prey thus creating a dangerous situation for his survival. Consequently,  just a week after his second chance at freedom, a decision was made to recapture M1133 and bring him back to captivity.

Today, M1133 will be joining the Wolf  Conservation Center family.  Although we wish the captive born lobo could have remained in the wild, he’ll receive the best care in his new home and his story will contribute to our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of his endangered kin and the challenges of recovery on the wild landscape.  Welcome to the WCC, lobo.

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11 Responses to Critically Endangered Mexican Wolf Finds Home in New York

  1. Jean Ossorio says:

    It’s sad that M1133 had such a bad case of wanderlust and didn’t stay put with his mate here in New Mexico. We miss him, but we’re glad he has such a good home at the Wolf Conservation Center. Thanks for taking him in. ^..^

  2. Jacqueline Ryan Rado says:

    I feel that it’s good that M1133 was saved from potential destruction and demise, however, I also feel that F1108 is now left alone to fend for her pups without a mate to help her or a pack for that matter. I understand the vital part a pack plays in raising of pups and I don’t see how she will be able to accomplish this on her own without her pups being destroyed while she is out hunting for food. I also feel that if her mate was brought back to WCC, she should have been brought in with him to ensure the safety and growth of the pups.

  3. Melissa Ruszczyk says:

    I agree with Jean! Thank you for giving him a good new home. I’m sure he will be loving the snow and cold. You all do such fabulous work

  4. Seth Kimball says:

    Without the Wolves, Man would have no beat friend!!

  5. Tony Sgroi says:

    We should be ashamed of what we are doing to these graceful animals. We should be constructive, not destructive.

  6. Beth Porter says:

    What happened to the pregnant female (F1108)??? How will she and the pups survive alone? Did you bring her back also and just not mention it or did you leave her there to fend for herself and her pups????? PLEASE answer.

  7. Kathleen Richter says:

    F1108 was shot and killed? I thought you took F1108 into captivity to protect him because he wanders to far out of range in the wild. Or do you mean that the female was shot and killed? Are all Wolves Lobas? I’m confused.

  8. Kathleen Richter says:

    F1108 was shot and killed? I thought you took F1108 into captivity to protect him because he wanders to far out of range in the wild. Or do you mean that the female was shot and killed? Are all Wolves Lobas. I’m confused.

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