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Coyote Online Resources and Research


» Translating the Song Dog: What coyotes are saying when they howl , (Jaymi Heimbuch, The Natural History of the Urban Coyote), 2016

» Stop Killing Coyotes, (Dan Flores, The New York Times), 2016

» Yes, eastern coyotes are hybrids, but the ‘coywolf’ is not a thing, (Roland Kays), 2015

Scientific Papers

» Response: Northeastern coyote cannot be a distinct species without isolation: a response to Way and Lynn. (Kays, Monzón)  2017

» Northeastern coyote/coywolf taxonomy and admixture: A meta-analysis. (Way and Lynn), 2016

» SUNY ESF prof: Coyotes everywhere in NYS, but impact on deer numbers is 'minimal', 2015

» When shooting a coyote kills a wolf: Mistaken identity or misguided management?, (Newsome, Bruskotter, and Ripple), 2015

» Population Status and Foraging Ecology of Eastern Coyotes in New York State, (Frair and Gibbs); This research was initiated to assess the abundance of coyote populations in New York State and evaluate potential impacts of coyote predation on deer populations; 2014

» Perspectives on the conservation of wild hybrids, (Stronen and Paquet); 2013

» The Rise of the Mesopredator, (Prugh et al); 2009