It’s a good day to be an Arctic wolf. Have fun, Atka!

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This is what family looks like.

Not only do wolves use body language to convey the rules of the family (a.k.a. pack) and communicate intentions, they also use it to initiate fun! When seeking to play, wolves will dance and bow playfully. Playtime can also include a game of chase, jaw sparring, and varied vocalizations. For wolves, playtime isn’t only fun, it strengthens family bonds. Can you identify the dominant brother?

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Apache_tribute_2016_smToday we remember an old friend.

Seven years ago today, Ambassador Wolf Apache passed away at the age of 12.

Although his powerful essence was hard to define, people understood it when they saw him. Apache was a head turner. When he howled, everyone listened. When he led, everyone followed. When he left, everything changed.

Apache touched all who were lucky enough to hear his howl.

R.I.P. Apache. We miss you.
(May 5, 1997 – March 10, 2010)

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