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Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

We’re constantly trying to make sure that our ambassador wolves have interesting experiences. Their enclosures are spacious and have natural varied terrain, but we also try to provide them with enrichment – activities that will challenge and mentally stimulate them. Enrichment can include hiding food in an empty enclosure and then letting the wolves into the enclosure to track down the food (something we often do when we host birthday parties) or introducing foreign objects with interesting textures and/or smells (such as boxes filled with horsehair and daubed with perfume) into their enclosure.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting Atka, our only traveling ambassador wolf, explore a new environment so he can experience all sorts of different sights and smells. That can lead to strange scenarios like the one captured above at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut. I think it’s safe to say that this sort of encounter never happens in the Arctic!

Thanks again to the Maritime Aquarium for having Atka appear there three times in November, and thanks to everybody who stopped by to learn about wolves and get a great look at Atka. If you want to see where Atka is appearing in the near future, click here. (Not all programs listed are open to the public so please check first!)