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Snowy Owl in Norwalk!

Atka is appearing at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk several times this month. During his first visit last week we received word that there was a Snowy Owl at nearby Calf Pasture Beach. We swung by on our way home, and sure enough, the owl was there

So this morning a few of us went by again, this time armed with cameras and coffee. We joined a small group of like-minded folk and watched the owl hang out on the rocks. The hours flew by as we got some great looks and snapped a bunch of photos. Hopefully the owl will keep using the beach as its temporary home so more people can get a good look. As with watching any wildlife, remember to keep your distance. (Just google “snowy owl” and “norwalk” and you should be able to easily find out if the owl is still being sighted.)
Atka will be returning to the Maritime Aquarium on the 14th and 20th, so maybe you’ll be able to get a good look at two arctic animals on the same day! In Norwalk no less…