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Otter Nonsense

As I’ve mentioned before, we love to give our wolves opportunities for enrichment – experiences that will provide them with interesting sensations or challenges. A few weeks ago when Atka was appearing at the Maritime Aquarium, his handler Rebecca had the great idea of asking our hosts for an item from one of their enclosures so our wolves could enjoy some new scents. The Aquarium folks were nice enough to give us a towel from the otter enclosure. We wanted something smelly, and this more than fit the bill!

Atka played with the towel a bit while we were there, but the real fun started when we returned to the Center where a group of visitors was watching our three other ambassador wolves. We gave the towel to Spencer, who was teaching the program, to throw into the enclosure and that’s where our plan went a little astray. The story is best told in photos, so click here to see the rest of the story. (Click on the photos to see bigger versions.)