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Here’s some recent news about previous topics:

The buffalo donated to us after Thanksgiving was cut up and distributed among various SSP wolves and the ambassador wolves. The ambassadors’ reactions to their treats varied a bit. Lukas and Kaila promptly ran off with their shares, but Apache sniffed at the liver and dropped it to the ground. He then rolled on it and probably ended up not eating it. There’s no pleasing some delicate palates! Atka also rolled on his offering (a heart), but we’re not sure if he ended up eating it. Even if Apache and Atka didn’t eat their offerings, providing the wolves with buffalo serves as a good enrichment experience as they get to react to all the new sensory stimuli that the interaction provides.

Moonshine Pack (reintroduced Mexican Gray Wolves)
We received the monthly update from the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project and learned that for the last few weeks F836 and M1039 have been traveling separately, with F836 in New Mexico and M1039 in Arizona. The wolves were radio collared before being released so they can be tracked using radio telemetry. You can even go here to view the results of weekly aerial tracking flights and for other news about the reintroduction project. For the tracking information, just click on the link under “Wolf Location Information” on the right side of the page.