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I Spy…

Now that breeding season is over, we were able to reunite the males and females that were separated at the beginning of the season. We don’t have footage of the reunion, but we do have some great video clips to post.

We recently installed heat-activated movie cameras in several of the SSP enclosures to help us monitor the behavior and health of the wolves. The SSP wolf enclosures are not open to the public, since these wolves, or their descendants, may someday be released into the wild. Even WCC staff have very limited interaction with them. Thanks to the cameras, however, we’ll be able to give people a behind-the-scenes view of the SSP wolves by periodically sharing the best of the clips with you.

The video below is from a Mexican Gray Wolf enclosure. Pups were born there last May, but now it’s impossible to tell them apart from the adults!

EDIT: Rebecca Bose, our wolf curator, just gave me a great clip showing the wolves post-reunion. See how many wolves you can spot!