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Mexican Gray Wolf M740 Arrives!

WCC’s curator and co-founder, Rebecca Bose and Hélène Grimaud open the gates!

The 7 year old male Mexican gray wolf, M740, arrived yesterday afternoon from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. He is currently exploring his new home and getting comfortable after his day of travel. In a few weeks, he will be united with the female Mexican gray wolf, F810, with hopes that they will breed this winter. These wolves will be given the opportunity to breed because their potential offspring would increase the genetic diversity of their rare species. If the pair proves fruitful, the family might be released into the wild of Arizona in 2010! F810 and M740 and their progeny are the “understudy” for another pair that is currently slated for release into the wild this spring. So an exciting chapter begins in the lives of M740, F810 and the WCC.

Watch a video of the the release!