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A Day in the Life of Doug Smith

Rolf Peterson and member of Doug Smith’s research team examine an elk carcass with WCC staff and volunteers.

Doug Smith, the National Park Service’s director of the Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Project, illustrated the value of wolves in the Yellowstone ecosystem with the following quote I often refer to:

“Wolves are to Yellowstone what water is to the everglades.”

Doug Smith has studied wolves for over 30 years. He started as a biologist working with another big name in the wolf research world, Rolf Peterson, on the Isle Royale wolf-moose study – the longest running carnivore study in the world! In 1994, Smith started working for the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction effort. Having been with the Yellowstone wolf recovery project since the time of its inception, Smith is the face and voice for the hundreds of wolves that have inspired so many.

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