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April Fools Day at the WCC

We can’t resist a good gag here at the WCC and this year we pulled one over on guests to our facility and two different schools in Enfield, CT!

Atka was on the road today visiting HB Stowe Elementary School and Thomas Alcorn Elementary School. Josh Lewis, one of our super WCC educators, began each presentation with a brief slide show and offered an informative and entertaining look at the history of wolves in North America, their biology and the mythology that surrounds them. The second part of the presentation usually belongs to ambassador wolf Atka. A WCC wolf handler, this time WCC’s curator Rebecca Bose, normally escorts Atka on leash about the venue allowing everyone to have a great view. Today, however, the Enfield students were bamboozled when on cue Rebecca entered with an imposter – Kai the german shepherd!! Don’t worry, after a moment of confusion and a wave of laughter, Atka was on stage doing what he does so well – wowing the crowd.

WCC staff and volunteers pulled a switcheroo on the guests attending this morning’s onsite presentation too. When it was time for the group to visit ambassador wolves Kaila and Lukas, they were greeted by three phonies – a dachshund, a lab mix and a border collie!

We love April fools day and Kai, Noah, Charlie and Owen (WCC’s “staff pack”) enjoyed their brief moment in the spotlight.

Happy April Fools Day!!!

Click here to watch a great video starring WCC’s ambassdor wolves and “staff pack”.