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PUPDATE! The Boys are Growing Like Weeds!

m1803 and m1804 turned two weeks old yesterday, the age for them to receive a dewormer treatment. WCC staff and volunteers ventured into their enclosure early on Thursday morning to weigh the pups and administer the treatment. The foliage is so thick in the enclosure that it took the WCC team over to 20 minutes to locate the pups, who were stashed by mom F1397 deep in the dense thicket. Both m1803 and m1804 have grown significantly larger since the last time they were checked just 5 days earlier, with one pup weighing 2.75lbs and the other 2.25lbs on a kitchen scale borrowed from Mrs Lewis for the occasion. (Thanks, Mrs Lewis!) Both now have open eyes (the larger pup more so than his brother) and are able to crawl about at a very slow pace. All in all, the pups look healthy and adorable!