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Match Making!

Mexican gary wolf M740
The Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan Annual Meeting came to an end over the weekend and we now have some excellent news to report! One of the chief items on the meeting’s agenda is the determination of wolf breeding pairs. During the meeting, the management group establishes which wolves should be bred each year by using software developed for the population management of endangered species. In 2011, there could be a potential “puppy boom” with 8 breeding pairs in the program! The Wolf Conservation Center is honored to house one of the chosen pairs, Mexican wolves F810 & M740. F810 is the #1-ranked Mexican gray wolf female in the U.S.! Both wolves are genetically valuable individuals and they have been given the opportunity to breed because their offspring will increase the genetic diversity of their rare species and enhance that species’ chance to survive and thrive in the wild. F810 has called the WCC home since 2004 and this fall will mark M740’s one-year anniversary since his arrival from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, IL. This winter will mark their second opportunity to breed.