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The Mexican Gray Wolf Meeting is Off to a Great Start!

The 2010 Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan (MWSSP) Annual Meeting brought a great group of people to our neck of the woods! Close to 40 representatives from dozens of facilities participating in the Mexican Wolf SSP arrived yesterday bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle the all issues associated with conserving the lobo. The morning started with a report on the Mexican wolf recovery program in Mexico followed by the status of recovery here in the US. Other presentations reported data from genetic studies on the captive and wild population and the details of reproductive research from 2010 and how to best implement reproductive science in the future. I can’t report on everything right now (the meeting is still in progress) so hold tight! Meanwhile, while the meeting continues here at Le Chateau, some of the WCC’s wolves are wondering where everyone is hiding! Perhaps Atka is feeling put off that his crew is absent, he chose not to come out when I visited him early this morning. Can you find Atka hiding in the green?