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Labor Day is Approaching and WCC Volunteers are Taking the Holiday Literally!

(In photo Left to right: Diane Biegler, Chris Ruppert, Nancy Koury, Maggie Howell, Barbara Mignano, Chris Mars)

August 31, 2010 – A dedicated crew of WCC volunteers rolled up their sleeves yesterday and got elbow deep in woodchips all in the name of wolves! It was hot and muggy but the weather didn’t slow down our team and by day’s end we had accomplished more than we had imagined. Hauling, shoveling, and spreading rocks, woodchips, and soil is hard work, but we were rewarded when we watched Ambassador wolves Kaila and Atka explore their newly improved enclosures. Nothing like seeing a wolf smile… Once our chores were completed, ice cream was in demand by workers and wolves alike.

If you are interested in joining our Wolf Work Team, please contact Maggie at so we can get in touch before the next chore day soon!