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Pillow Fight!

Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) staff and volunteers are always looking for unique ways to say “thank you” to the Ambassador wolves for helping us educate people about the importance of their wild brothers and sisters. Our enrichment gifts vary as do the responses from the wolves. See earlier posts: Something Fishy, Close Encounters of a Weird Kind, Otter Nonsense, Deli? Sure! New Delhi? Not so much…, and You’re in for a Treat.

On October 1st, we’ll be introducing an old sofa to Atka as a part of our LOBO NIGHT! program. Guests will have an opportunity to personalize the couch before we introduce it into Atka’s territory and then we’ll watch as he discovers the surprise! The gift won’t be Atka’s first encounter with household furnishings. We learned last spring that he loves a good pillow fight:)

Music: “Gene’s Boogie” by The Amos Garrett, Doug Sahm, and Gene Taylor Band.