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Remembering Romeo – A Special Afternoon with Author John Hyde

January 20, 2011 – A full house of Wolf Conservation Center supporters braved the snowy landscape yesterday to attend a compelling program about an American legend and the magnificent glacier he called home.  John Hyde, a photographer, cinematographer, and artist is the author of Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf, which details the life of Romeo, a beautiful black wolf who made the Mendenhal Glacier outside Juneau, Alaska his territory for the past decade.  The lone wolf subsided on small mammals and fish in his cozy domain stretching just over ten square miles.  Oddly unafraid of people and eager to bond with his canine cousins, this unique wolf inspired locals and tourists with his gentle and playful nature. Hyde’s breathtaking photographs captured the not only the beauty of the wild wolf, but also the raw splendor of the habitat that takes on a persona of its own. Although far away from their neck of the woods in Juneau, John Hyde and his wife, Barbara, might have felt a touch of home here in Westchester, NY.  During our celebration of Romeo, we paused to enjoy a chorus of howls that rolled through the trees and the glittering display of winter as the sun sank behind our diminutive hills.  What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday afternoon.
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