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Goodbye Kaila

Kaila R.I.P. (May 1, 1995 – February 21, 2011)

It is with great sadness that the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) announces the death of Kaila, the quiet queen of the Center’s “Ambassador Pack.”  At 15 years old, Kaila was our oldest Ambassador.  She pioneered our education program as the WCC’s first wolf and witnessed our organization flourish over the past decade.  Described as a real spitfire in her youth, Kaila grew warm and committed to the younger wolves when welcoming them to her pack.  Despite forever dodging the spotlight, she was a vibrant star and the keystone of her family.  She occupied the lowest ranking in the pack hierarchy which by no means suggests that she was the least important or loved.  It was Kaila’s role to furnish cohesion among her “brothers”, an essential characteristic for a successful pack.
Widowed twice over in 2010 with the passing of Apache and Lukas, Kaila continued to thrive and quietly win the hearts of our visitors until earlier this month when her body showed signs that it could no longer persevere.  This spring Kaila will join her fallen pack mates as a part of the Yellowstone landscape where they will forever dwell among the wild wolves that they helped people better understand.
Thank you, Kaila.  We miss you already.