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Atka: Ambassador and Muse

Atka visited Connecticut’s Clinton Child Care last Friday and inspired an enthusiastic group of children about the importance of his wild brothers and sisters.  Atka was a huge hit!  The kids especially enjoyed watching a wolf delicately remove individual crayons and markers from their cubbyholes before tossing them on the floor.  Perhaps Atka’s antics inspired 8-year-old Kaitlyn to pick up a pencil and sketch a fabulous rendition of the visitor.  If you have an artist in the family or in your classroom, please let them know that this month begins the WCC’s first Art contest!  We LOVE when WCC supporters share their wolf artwork with us and we look forward to sharing some of our favorites with the masses. Email a photo of your artwork to or send the original (if you are willing to let us keep it) to WCC Po Box 421 South Salem, NY 10590.  The winners will receive a WCC “goodie bag” later this season.  Grab a crayon and get busy!