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Just Another Morning…

The sun is rising here at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, but things are already in full swing. One of our Mexican gray wolves arches her head back and sends a long mournful howl toward the morning sky as our red wolf family trots around its enclosure before uniting to howl back. In another enclosure, our other two red wolves pause to check out each other’s “marks.” This is a good sign – it’s mating season and we’re hopeful that this pair will breed this year; there are only about 300 red wolves in the world. Outside of the enclosures, an elusive woodpecker announces his (her?) lofty presence, while several loudly gobbling turkeys strut by the base of the trees.  Yup, just another morning…

Mexican gray wolf surveys her world
Male red wolf investigates his mate’s scent
I’m sure this turkey has no idea how it got there