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Smitten or Bitten…

It’s the tail end of breeding season and we’ve been watching red wolves F1397 and M1483 very closely hoping for a repeat performance of last year.  We estimate that the two lovebirds engaged in a copulatory “tie” a year ago this week and based on some courtship behaviors we seen of late (see It’s Okay to Stare), we’re hopeful we’ll be celebrating pups again soon.  What sort of “courtship” behavior does one look for to know that they are getting along?   It isn’t always easy for an observer to determine if the wolves are a “couple” or not and as it turns out, some romantic signals can be confusing for the wolves too!  Check out this video of F1397 and M1483 from February 2010 and you make the call.  Do they seem like a “couple” to you?  Wait for just past the 2 minute mark.  Hilarious!

Music: “Teen Beast” by Los Straitjackets and “My Girl” by Madness