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Day One of Red Wolf Week: It’s Pup Season!

Red Wolves M1483 & F1397

Wolf breeding season has come to a close and now it’s time to wait and hope that at least one of the WCC’s three breeding pairs will celebrate pups later this season.

The WCC is so fortunate to have already welcomed critically endangered pups on two occasions.  On Earth day (of all days) in 2008, six healthy and adorable Mexican gray wolves were born off exhibit.  These pups were the first to ever be born at the WCC!  We welcomed pups a second time last May when red wolves m1803 and m1804 were born in the dense thicket in our red wolf exhibit.  Will the WCC be blessed with red or Mexican gray pups again this year?

All three of the pairs seem well bonded to one another but there is no way to know if successful breeding occurred until pups are born.  That being said, we are feeling hopeful that at least one pair will be yielding pups because we’ve been spying on them all season long!  With the help of our red wolf webcam (WOLFCAM), both staff and supporters were elated to see some VERY encouraging behavior from the red wolves M1483 and F1397 – the breeding pair that proved fruitful last spring!

Puppy Season has officially begun so we’re waiting and watching for some promising signs.  Check out our WOLFCAM and keep an eye out for denning behavior.  It was just over two weeks from today last year that F1397 had her very first litter.  Perhaps litter number two is on it’s way!  Over the next few days we’ll be discussing this family of wolves and what a new litter of pups could mean for their pack, the WCC, and wild red wolves that call North Carolina home.