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New Details About the Budget Bill’s Wolf Delisting Rider Emerge

The final vote on the budget bill with the attached rider that removes Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from wolves in Idaho and Montana is expected this Thursday. Congress averted a government shutdown by striking a compromise late last Friday night and in the following days the details about what was included in the deal are still unclear to the public and even some lawmakers. Today, The Wildlife News reports that new language was added to the rider which intends to remove federal protections from Wyoming wolves too. Previous attempts to delist wolves in Wyoming have failed because Interior Department officials claimed that the state’s recovery efforts have been inadequate. According to Ken Cole of The Wildlife News, “the new language intends to make it easier for Wyoming’s plan to pass muster or make it so that a plan that is being negotiated will pass muster with the USFWS.” To read more about the added language from The Wildlife News, please click here.

Many WCC supporters are asking what they can do to voice their opposition to this rider and the dangerous precedent it sets for wolves and all wildlife. If your hackles are up, call your senator today. You can locate your representative’s contact information at