Month: April 2011

New Details About the Budget Bill’s Wolf Delisting Rider Emerge

April 12, 2011

The final vote on the budget bill with the attached rider that removes Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from wolves in Idaho and Montana is expected this Thursday. Congress averted a government shutdown by striking a compromise late last Friday night and in the following days the details about what was included in the deal…

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ABCs, 123s, Earth, Animals and Trees…

April 11, 2011

This week is National Environmental Education Week! Please visit to join the national network of educators and organizations dedicated to increasing the environmental literacy of K-12 . Environmental education is so important, now more than ever.

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Politicians Delist Idaho and Montana Wolves

April 10, 2011

Friday night’s agreed upon Senate appropriations bill did in fact contain a rider delisting the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List. This bill is pending before Congress and won’t delist wolves today, but it cannot be challenged tomorrow either. This bill will lift federal protections from wolves of Montana and Idaho, return management of…

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Federal Government Shutdown Averted

April 9, 2011

Someone stayed up too late last night watching CNN! Last night’s late night deal on Capitol Hill will prevent the Federal Government from shutting down for now and so far it appears that the riders that would strip gray wolves of federal protection may have been discarded. To learn more from Howling for Justice, please…

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“Reunited and it Feels so Good!”

April 8, 2011

During breeding season the WCC separates the Mexican wolf males from the females to prevent spontaneous breeding from occurring. A few minutes ago we opened the enclosures so pack mates can once again interact with one another. These 3-yr-old siblings had a merry reunion!

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Awwww-some Atka

April 6, 2011

Atka had a great time visiting the enthusiastic students at Shoreline Christian School today! He scent rolled, rearranged a closet, and appeared to curtsy before making his exit. He did look a bit embarrassed, however, when the students responded to his baby photo with a chorus of “Awww…”s.

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I am Woman, Hear me Howl!

April 5, 2011

Red wolf F1291 Long-time Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) resident red wolf F1291 (part of the WCC’s Species Survival Plan population since 2004) was at one time the only red wolf that called the WCC home.  She no longer howls alone, today the WCC is home to 6 red wolves.  F1291 lives off exhibit with her…

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The Leader of the Yellowstone Wolf Project Talks about Wolves, Weight and their Important Role in the Ecosystem

April 4, 2011

What?!  Twice my size? Doug Smith, the leader of the Yellowstone Wolf Project, discusses wolves, their positive impact on nature, and two remarkably large wolves that live in the most remote areas of our country’s fist national park.  During this year’s research Smith’s team discovered the largest wolf currently residing in Yellowstone, 760M.  The male…

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Up, Up and Away on Earth Day!

April 3, 2011

Atka and Big Mama the Eagle Owl  We’re celebrating Earth Day this month with an exciting bird of prey experience presented by TALONS where guests will meet, fly and catch beautiful feathered ambassadors!  Atka wasn’t keen on sharing the spotlight with “Big Mama” when TALONS last visited and the eagle owl seemed to be a…

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The Lehigh Vally Zoo Opens their New Lobo Exhibit!

April 2, 2011

 F613 greets one of her sons  Last summer representatives from facilities that participate in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) gathered in South Salem, NY for the Mexican Wolf annual meeting. The meeting brought representatives from dozens of facilities participating in the Mexican Wolf SSP, including Fish and Wildlife Agencies from the US and…

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