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Happy Birthday Red Wolf F1291!

Red Wolf F1291

Today red wolf F1291 turns 8 years old! She has been a part of the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) family since 2004 when she arrived as a mere yearling.  F1291 is one of six red wolves that call the WCC home as participants of the red wolf Species Survival Plan (RWSSP).

Red Wolf M1587

 This beauty (nicknamed “Ruby”) currently resides off exhibit with her younger companion, an enormous fellow “named” M1587.  M1587 weighs a whopping 95 lbs, significantly larger than the average weight of a mature red wolf, 45-80 lbs.  Although the inseparable couple were selected to breed for two consecutive seasons, they have yet to prove fruitful. Perhaps they aim to extend their honeymoon before adding pups to the mix… Happy Birthday Ruby!