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Is Livestock Predation a Myth?

It appears so, according to a Department of Agricultural report released last week. WildEarth Guardians reports that in 2010, just 0.23% of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs.  Surprisingly, dogs were responsible for close to 10% of all cattle predation.  Why then, if wildlife is accountable for less than a quarter of a percent of all cattle loses, are taxpayers paying millions of dollars on lethal and non-lethal control of native carnivores?  WildEarth Guardians wants some answers, do you?  Please learn more by reading this complete press release with links to the Cattle Death Loss reports: “Government Report: Less Than 1% of Cattle Killed by Native Carnivores and Domestic Dogs Taxpayers Fleeced by Federal, Predator-Control Program.