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Wild Red Pup Count Contest!

Nature hates calculators ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
But calculating all of Nature’s adorable wild red wolf pups is a blast!  The red wolf is one of the most rare mammals in North America.  Only an estimated 130 red wolves roam their native habitat in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern North Carolina making every new addition to the population quite significant. Almost a month ago, the dedicated U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Red Wolf Recovery team reported that the wild wolves had proven fruitful with 9 litters totaling 37 pups and we’re waiting eagerly for an update with the final count.  What do you think the magic number will be?  Be the first to guess correctly and you’ll win a prize!  Just post your guess here on our blog or on the WCC’s Facebook Page.  Big thanks to the Red Wolf Coalition for giving the us this fun idea!