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Introducing the Wolf Conservation Center’s Ambassador Wolf Pups!

We are thrilled to introduce to you the two new members of the Wolf Conservation Center’s Ambassador pack!

Zephyr (meaning “light or west wind”) is a beautiful black male with a prominent nose and a feisty personality.  Alawa (meaning “sweetpea” in Algonquin, and pronounced “ai-lay-ewa”) is brown and gray and her temperament matches her name.  The littermates were born on April 20 and arrived at the WCC on May 27.  The pair joins Atka to make up the Ambassador Pack – the wolves on view as part of the WCC’s education programs.

Their lineage is a mix of gray wolf subspecies, but they are primarily Canis lupus occidentalis  – Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolf — a subspecies that traditionally inhabited parts of the western United States, much of western Canada, and all of Alaska.

The Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolf was reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995 and 1996; today over 1,600 of the subspecies live in the wild of the Northern Rockies.

Click here to watch the WCC’s first video staring Alawa & Zephyr!

Zephyr and Alawa will be raised by WCC staff and veteran wolf-care volunteers for the next 2 months, but we’ll make sure that all WCC visitors get a good look at the diminutive dynamic duo.Wolf pups grow up quickly, so register for a program today!

To view our program calendar for June, please click here.

To help support the WCC and the and  to celebrate the addition of Alawa and Zephyr to the Ambassador Pack pack, supporters can “adopt” a pup for themselves or as a great gift to a friend!  Each adoption level includes an 8×10 pup photo, pup biography, adoption certificate, and a subscription to our newsletter.

Click here to adopt a pup today!

The pups’ progress can be followed here on the the WCC’s Blog and on the WCC’s Facebok page where “pupdates” with lots of photos and video will be posted almost every day!