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Wildlife Coalition Takes Action Behalf of Oregon Wolves

When we started the new year with the wolf debate in the West reaching toxic proportions, it was so refreshing to learn that one family of wolves, the Imnaha Pack of northeastern Oregon, had quietly developed into a robust crew.  Rarely are people lucky enough to behold wolves in the wild.  Oregon Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) officials are not only among the fortunate few to glimpse these predators, but back in January they managed to capture great video too!

Today this very family of wolves is the subject of debate, and the future for this pack looks bleak at best.  The
Imnaha pack is currently made up of eight sub-adult or adult wolves, close to 50% of the states entire wolf population, after ODFW killed two  members of the pack because they preyed upon a calf on June 5th. In response to this this event, a coalition of conservation groups  are urging ODFW officials to amend their wolf management plan to better safeguard the dwindling numbers of this endangered species.  Oregon Wild stated in yesterday’s press release, a coalition of 11 groups”… urged the agency to increase transparency, enhance outreach, prioritize non-lethal measures for reducing conflict, suspend 24 landowner kill permits, and make lethal control a truly last-resort option.”
What will the future hold for the 17 wolves that call the remote corner of Oregon home?  To learn more about these wolves, the debate that surrounds them, and how you can enter the discussion, please visit the following sites with news and additional resources: