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Wolf Pup Development 101 – Nine Weeks

The Wolf Conservation Center’s Ambassador wolf pups are growing like weeds! On June 20th, Alawa and Zephyr turned 9 weeks old. At this age, wild pups are have emerged from their dens to explore the world around them. No longer requiring the safety that a den provides, wild wolf families end the denning period by weaning the pups and moving them to new home bases called rendezvous sites. Here the pups usually remain until they are old enough to join the pack on their hunting trips around mid autumn.
The speed of physical pup development is mind blowing! Alawa and Zephyr change everyday. At 9 weeks wolf pups are at their cutest with disproportionately large feet and ears. Pup eye color changes from blue to golden brown and adult hair starts to replace their puppy fuzz. Is Zephyr sporting a red mohawk? We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!