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The WCC’s Third Ambassador “Pup!”

Last Saturday, the Wolf Conservation Center(WCC) was pleased to treat our guests to a special celebration during our morning’s education program! We took a moment before visiting the Ambassador pups to honor a youngster of our own species, ten-year-old Alyssa Grayson. Members of the National WolfWatcher Coalition (including WCC’s Maggie Howell) presented the 5th grader from Rhode Island with a special certificate of appreciation in recognition of the wonderful work she’s done for wolves and other wild species. Although the hoopla may have been a bit embarrassing for dear Alyssa, I believe that all our guests returned home that day feeling inspired.

Other children who attended the program later approached Maggie Howell to share their own accomplishments within their communities. One young lady tends to horses in a nearby barn after school and on weekends volunteers at a local animal shelter. A little boy no older than six wants to save sharks when he grows up. Alyssa’s three-year-old sister, Jill, likes wolves a lot (Alyssa taught her how to howl like a pro), but cows are her favorite! Perhaps Jill will be the one to successfully demonstrate to all that wildlife and livestock can coexist!

Before it was time for the wolves to take their midday nap, the NWC’s newest Junior Adviser sat by Ambassador pups Alawa and Zephyr to share her feelings about wolves on film. Alyssa did a great job writing and delivering her address and the WCC’s Ambassador pups performed like pros. Perhaps Atka’s charisma is rubbing off on the little tykes.

Alyssa Grayson: Take Action to Help Wolves! from Dave Hornoff on Vimeo.