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Young Conservationists Creating A Brighter Future: Celebrating Earth Through Art

One of the winning pieces of artwork in the WCC’s Art Contest for Kids – 14-yr-old Ciani’s “Wolf in Oil Pastel”

Today we continue to focus on the the future and the young environmentalists that are tackling adult issues with great energy and imagination. Thankfully, there are many organizations that offer outlets for our children to creatively express themselves and their visions of the future. WCC staff and volunteers were blown away by the hundreds of children from around the world who sent us beautiful drawings, paintings and sculptures for the WCC’s Art Contest for Kids. It was impossible to avoid feeling inspired! 

One Minute to save the World is an organization that offers kids another platform to help express their feelings regarding the natural world. This organization invites budding filmmakers, directors and animators to create one minute films about climate change. The competition is global and aims to give people a voice to help ensure a brighter future for our planet. Cecily is a young WCC supporter and she entered the “One Minute to save the World” film competition with her compelling video: “Pop!!!”   It’s wonderful that programs such this one gives kids the power to express themselves.  If you feel inspired to make your own short film about wolves, wildlife, or the environment, please go for it and send it our way! You can email Maggie at