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Young Conservationists Creating A Brighter Future: Woodmere Middle School

Wolves, their recovery, and the status of this keystone predator in the United States continue to be hot topics in in our country.  With the wolf hunt season upon us, many wildlife advocates are left exhausted, angry, and discouraged. While some have lost hope, others are rolling up their sleeves ready to take on the environmental challenges of the future and they’re not even old enough to vote!

Over the next several days, we’ll be celebrating some young wildlife conservationists that are making a difference within their communities and beyond. It’s time to look to the future.

We first introduced our supporters to the dedicated team of 6th graders from Long Island’s Woodmere Middle School last year. These young conservationists are tackling a number of environmental projects as a part of their “Campaign Earth” mission – a curriculum aimed to equip the students with the tools necessary to safeguard the future of our nation’s wildlife. In December of 2010, these students created a very compelling video – what a perfect gift for the holidays!

The video reached people from around the world, inspiring young and old to embrace the importance of wildlife and the passion of these special youngsters. We can’t wait to see what these students do as 7th graders!!!