Month: October 2011

Best Halloween Ever! For the Wolves That Is…

October 31, 2011

Atka and the other 24 wolves that call the Wolf Conservation Center home agree, this is the best Halloween ever! Snow dumped on our 27 acres in South Salem, NY toppling a dozen or so trees, damaging enclosures, wiping out power and phones, and bringing enormous smiles to our frisky denizens that love winter the…

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Critically Endangered Lobos Receive a House Call From the Doc

October 28, 2011

3-year-old F1143 hides from the menacing humans Autumn is a magical time at the Wolf Conservation Center. Colorful leaves are dancing in the breeze, cider is brewing in our cozy classroom cabin, and critically endangered wolves are shaking in their boots dreading the day humans set foot in their remote territories. The staff and volunteers…

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Who’s Bringing the Popcorn!

October 27, 2011

Tomorrow night is the Wolf Conservation Center’s last Movie Night of 2011! This time tomorrow we’ll be setting up our outdoor theater to treat our guests to wonderful film, “Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators!” Join us for this compelling 60 minute documentary that goes behind the scenes with leading scientists…

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East Meets West. Different Wolves Share a Common Mission.

October 26, 2011

Yesterday proved to be another eventful October day at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC). Atka wowed the great kids from Central Elementary School in Simsbury, CT and then returned home to inspire a group of scouts back in digs at the WCC. It’s customary for Atka to do a bit of marking when he first…

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Endangered Species Act Endangered?

October 24, 2011

Defenders of Wildlife‘s Robert Dewey discusses the current Congressional threats to one of America’s cornerstone environmental laws – the ESA. Many species are in peril including the critically endangered lobo. Please click here and take a moment to listen to the interview.

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Getting Ready for the Wolf Conservation Center’s First Movie Night!

October 21, 2011

Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) staff and wolves are getting excited for tonight’s special event – WCC’s Movie Night! In just a few hours our guests will be enjoying “The Rise of Black Wolf,” a film by Emmy award-winning wildlife cinematographer Bob Landis. This won’t be a typical night at the movies. First, we’re missing a…

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Ambasador Wolf Pup Milestone: Alawa and Zephyr Are 6 Months Old! Celebrate With a Free Ringtone!

October 20, 2011

The 25 wolves that call the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) home have been singing all day. Perhaps the gusty weather has them extra peppy today or maybe they know it’s National Wolf Awareness Week so they want aim to make everyone in the neighborhood aware of that this is their territory! Maybe the beautiful beasts…

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Celebrating Yellowstone on National Wolf Awareness Week

October 19, 2011

National WolfWatcher Coalition‘s co-president Dave Hornoff is today’s guest blogger on Defenders of Wildlife’s Wolf Awareness Week blog series! Dave shares some highlights from his years of wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park and his perspective on the controversial wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.  If you get a chance to visit Yellowstone, look for Dave. …

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New Neighbors South of the Border!

October 18, 2011

Today is day three of National Wolf Awareness Week and it’s time to celebrate! No longer are wild-roaming endangered Mexican gray wolves limited to the vast stretch of forest in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico. On October 11th, a five-member pack of wolves wolves was released south of the border in the Mexican state…

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Sad News From Yellowstone. 642F R.I.P.

October 17, 2011

642F – photo: Teton Science Schools Journal ** Montana’s backcountry wolf hunt in the remote Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness along the northern border of Yellowstone National Park is officially closed. The wolf quota for this area was set at 3 (Montana’s overall wolf harvest quota is 220), and among the casualties is a collared wolf who many…

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