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Ambassadors of the Past Remind Us Of Present Challenges In Lobo Recovery

GuidepostsTV posted an old video on YouTube over the weekend that stars the Wolf Conservation Center’s original Ambassador Pack members: Apache, Lukas, and Kaila. Apache clearly steals the show by howling with the host and interrupting the discussion about Mexican gray wolf recovery with his soulful song. Although the video brings back wonderful memories, it’s discouraging that the wild Mexican gray wolf population has failed to grow since this video was shot three years ago. More than 13 years after they were first reintroduced to the Southwest, there are still only around 50 Mexican wolves in the wild, making them the most endangered mammal in north America.

The great folks from Lobos of the Southwest want the stalling to stop. It’s time to start restoring eligible captive wolves to their ancestral home in the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico. Lobos of the Southwest has a dedicated page on their website to help people take action because Mexican gray wolves need to live wild, and wild places need them.