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Jean Craighead George Goes Electronic. Can’t Wait to See What’s Next!

It’s always a treat spending time with Jean Craighead George. She’s a hero to many who work at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) and even Atka lights up when he’s greeted by her howl.

Jean often visits the WCC, sometimes for some quiet moments with our wolves and other times to wow our visitors with tales of her childhood adventures and other life experiences that helped shape so many of Jean’s wonderful novels. Jean’s intimate and inspirational talks in our classroom have touched WCC visitors of all ages. When Jean is in our territory, it’s always a special day. Earlier this summer, the team at Open Road Media approached us about filming our wolves to help promote the ebook version of Jean’s Newbery Award-winning novel Julie of the Wolves. It was our pleasure to give the lovely crew access to our nine wolves living on exhibit, anything for Jean.  Please enjoy the video which includes some cute puppy footage of Zephyr and Alawa and check out the selection of Jean’s ebooks available on the Open Road Media site.  Now that Jean has gone electronic, we can’t wait for her to go Hollywood.  Stay tuned 😉
We love you Jean!