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Some Young Conservationists Are At It Again!

The Woodmere Middle Schoolers are at it again! WMS Team 7A has been working hard on their research project on Endangered Species. The group of dedicated middle schoolers are investigating the importance of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), they’re researching specific endangered or threatened mammals and the causes of their endangerment, and they are drawing conclusions about the impact of their potential extinction if measures are not taken to protect them. This journey in learning will include a video project that will be shared with other schools, their government representatives, and conservation organizations to help spread the news about endangered species and the importance of the ESA.

In addition to this compelling work, the team has been busy fund-raising for the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC)and their December 1st and 2nd NY Pretzel sale brought in $700!! Way to go Team 7A!


WCC staff and wolves will be able to thank (back row): Gianna, Jessica, Eddie, Alberto, Marsello, and Fernando; (front row): George, Jonathan, Ben and Eros in person later this spring when they visit the WCC along with students from Rhode Island’s Rocky Hill School. Here, all the young conservationists will exchange ideas and their findings and of course share some howls with Atka, Zephyr, and Alawa!