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Wolf Conservation Center’s Project: Poetry

The wolf is a charismatic beast and had been the subject of song and verse for eons.   Earlier this year, the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) teamed up with Mamaroneck Poet Laureate Mary Louise Cox to capture and present the impact that the WCC wolves have on young children visiting the Center with their schools. The task was simple – Ms Cox asked that each child finish the sentence : “Today I...” and students gladly took part.
On Sunday, Atka and crew presented at the Mamaroneck Public Library where we unveiled the resulting poem compiled by Ms Cox.  Big thanks all the participating school children and to Mary Louise Cox for demonstrating the inspirational force of wolves in the form of the written word.

Today I saw a wolf.                                                  Rajan 8 yrs.
― met a red wolf.                                                     Emily 8 yrs.
― watched wolves.                                                  Zechariah 5 yrs.
― saw Mexican wolves                                            Wille 6 yrs.
― watched wolves.                                                  Fredinka 3 yrs.
― learned about wolves.                                          Michael 8 yrs.
― saw very sharpe teeth.                                         Julianna 8 yrs.
― saw a wolf.                                                            Sarah 8 yrs.
― saw wolves and they were so cool.
I saw one come out of the pool.                               Juliet 8 yrs.
― saw wolves and they were awesome!                   Gianna 8 yrs.
― saw beautiful white fur.                                        James 8 yrs.
― had fun with my friends.                                       Gabbie 9 yrs.
― saw wolves.                                                          Joanna 8 yrs.
― helped support the wolves.                                   Anna 9 yrs.
― howled with the wolves.                                       Griffin 7 yrs.
― saw a wolf.                                                            Luke 8 yrs.
― saw a red wolf lying.                                            Nicholas 7 yrs.
― saw a wolf.                                                           Aidan 7 yrs.
― learned about wolves.                                         Dylan 6 yrs.
― got rained on.                                                      Joseph 8 yrs.
― I learned.                                                              Tommy 8 yrs.
― saw red wolves.                                                   Hudson 8 yrs.
― found out what wolves eat.                                 Steven 7 yrs.
― saw different types of wolves.                             Fayre 9 yrs.
― saw wolves.                                                         Henri 7 yrs.
― saw Atka.                                                             Martin 9 yrs