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National Geographic’s Crittercam Gives Us Atka’s Point Of View

Crittercam Collars (Photo: Josh Lewis)

In November of 2011, National Geographic’s Kyler Abernathy visited the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) to test out some crittercam cameras and collars on some of our wolves for potential use on wild wolves.  Ambassador wolves Atka and Alawa sported the gear for a few hours and seemed to feel quite comfortable in them.  The wolves carried on like it was any other day and now we have the footage to better experience the world from their perspective!  Little did we know that Alawa would be so natural behind the camera.  The footage of her companion and litter-mate Zephyr is spectacular!

The Crittercam program  has provided valuable data about the private lives of sea lions, tree kangaroos, tiger sharks, and more.  Next month, Atka and the WCC team will be traveling to National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington DC to some more camera work and hopefully we’ll be able to see through the eyes of his wild brothers and sisters soon!