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Lobo Love!

M805 & F837

Wolf breeding season is in full tilt and with four potential litters to celebrate on the horizon, Wolf Conservation Center staff and supporters are downright giddy! While many of us have been glued to the WCC WOLFCAM with spying eyes on our red wolf breeding pair F1397 and M1483, things have been quietly heating up between Mexican wolves M805 and F837. This is the first year that these two lovebirds have been given the opportunity to breed so we are thrilled to see courtship behavior between the already well bonded pair.

Mexican wolf pups 2008

The WCC is so fortunate to have already welcomed critically endangered pups on two occasions. On Earth day (of all days) in 2008, six healthy and adorable Mexican gray wolves were born off exhibit. These pups were the first to ever be born at the WCC! We welcomed pups a second time in 2010 when red wolves m1803 and m1804 were born in the dense thicket in our red wolf exhibit. All four pairs have been given the opportunity to breed because their offspring will increase the genetic diversity of their rare species. Will the WCC be blessed with red or Mexican gray pups again this year?
Fingers crossed!