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A Milestone for WCC’s Ambassador Wolf “Pups!”

A year ago today the Wolf Conservation Center family grew a little bigger. My how they’ve grown… Happy one year anniversary, Zephyr and Alawa! You’re both doing an amazing job teaching people about the importance of your wild brothers and sisters (and stealing the hearts of all that you meet as well!)

In honor of the pups’ anniversary, we’re offering a special e-book with photos, and some text, from the pups’ first month at the WCC. The 22 page e-book is designed for iPads and iPhones. Sorry about the limitation, but it’s all the publisher offers right now. (There are epub readers for other devices, but make sure the format works on your device before purchasing the book.) You can also order a softcover printed version of the photo album, though the e-book is a much more economical choice. Click here to preview the book or order one today!