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Crittercam Update from National Geographic

Back in November of 2011, National Geographic’s Kyler Abernathy visited the WCC to test out Crittercam collars on Ambassador wolves Atka and Alawa to  best prepare for potential use on wild wolves.  Crittercam cameras offer  researchers an opportunity to observe animal behaviors which often  elude human eyes.  So far these tools have provided a view in the  sometimes secret and mysterious world of many species.  The  program   has supplied valuable data about the private lives of tree kangaroos, Humboldt squid, and more!

Just the other day we checked in with Kyler and his adventures continue to make us green with envy.  Kyler is currently on a ship off Cape Cod in pursuit of humpback whales in hopes of collaring a few to provide some really excellent footage!  Last month Kyler and the team deployed a new model terrestrial Crittercams on cheetahs in Botswana.  He reports that the new model worked really well and should be a good design to use with wolves in the future.

We really look forward to continuing our partnership with the Crittercam  team and are honored to be a part of an operation that could one day  allow us to see the world through the eyes of Atka’s wild brothers and  sisters.  To learn more about the Crittercam Adventures, please visit their website at:

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