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Daniel W. Koch: One to Watch

Looks like Atka left his mark again! Although it’s uncommon for Atka to produce unique, scented souvenirs when presenting offsite, there are a handful of auditoriums, gymnasiums, and even a battleship that have been “marked” by our celebrity wolf. Atka, however, need not lift his leg to leave his mark, his mere presence can leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to meet him. We like to think that Daniel W. Koch is just one of the many who have been inspired by Atka’s great work.

Daniel is a local treasure here in Westchester County, he grew up in the WCC’s neighboring town of North Salem and attended an elementary school that was often visited by Atka and crew. Today, at nineteen years old, Daniel has authored three novels! Looks like Atka isn’t the only accomplished lad in this neck of the woods. Daniel has also been kind enough to help endorse the Wolf Conservation Center and wolf recovery in general while promoting his books.

So far there are three books out in this Daniel’s four book series. The books are The Protector, The Devils Minions, The Black Wolf and coming soon…The Healer. All titled under the Descendant Series. Today and tomorrow, Book One (Descendant: The Protector) is FREE on Kindle. What a great way to start the series and to encourage this young dynamo to continue his mission as a prolific author!

Congratulations Daniel!