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National Wolfwatcher Coalition Wants Hunt/Trap-Free Zones Around YNP

Agate’s Pack 471F (photo: Brandi Nichols)

The great folks from National Wolfwatcher Coalition (NWC) are very concerned about Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wolf hunting and trapping plan for the upcoming 2012-13 season. At the very least they’re asking for a hunt and trap-free buffer zone enacted immediately to surround Yellowstone National Park to protect this shrinking population of wolves. Their fears are not unfounded, in 2009’s Montana wolf hunting season Yellowstone’s Cottonwood Pack was among the casualties. The loss of this pack was a huge blow to wolf watchers and researchers from around the world who flock to Yellowstone to behold wild wolves in action. The Cottonwood pack’s breeding female, 527F, was daughter of legendary breeding pair 21M and 42F, two famous Yellowstone wolves many have seen on PBS and the Discovery Channel.

NWC is not alone. The Greater Yellowstone Coalition is also speaking out, requesting a trap-free buffer in Montana to protect wolves roaming outside Yellowstone National Park.

If your hackles are up, please take just a few seconds to sign NWC’s Yellowstone Buffer Action Alert to protect the wolves of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

For questions and information, email National Wolfwatcher Coalition at